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I make various essential oil extractors, including an at home supercritical carbon dioxide system. These oils can be used for aromatherapy, homeopathic medicines, and many other uses of essential plant oils. When I conduct extractions I update the progress on the blog. Thanks for taking a look around, feel free to contact me. - JY
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Very Easy Access Stainless Steel Pressure Vessel

Another Set Of My Stainless Pressure Vessel

Stainless Steel Pressure Vessel Proof Run

These are proof runs of my stainless steel pass-through extractor, not the retail version by any means. The collection vessel of course will be a large diameter spool, I just can't seem to keep any when I have them in stock.

This new method and design is using one continuous extraction at pressures of 1800PSI and below (Actually I capped it at 1500PSI). The temperature and pressure ratings of the aluminum storage vessel are never exceeded at any point.

My stainless steel design allows for up to 3800PSI and so if desired it can be sealed and heated much like the SCUBA tank. That is not the intention, however. This system is meant for convenience for the small commercial market.

I like to show the dirty along with the pretty, so here are some quick and dirty videos of my new design of pressure vessels and a lavender crumble extraction.

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