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I make various essential oil extractors, including an at home supercritical carbon dioxide system. These oils can be used for aromatherapy, homeopathic medicines, and many other uses of essential plant oils. When I conduct extractions I update the progress on the blog. Thanks for taking a look around, feel free to contact me. - JY
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New At-Home Supercritical Fluid Extractors

Hello Everyone,

I have finally replaced the EnJYN Scuba tank based system with a custom stainless steel vessel.

The Joe Blow

These can be used to slowly flow through supercritical CO2 at up to 1800PSI, and the pressure vessels can be filled, sealed off, and heated to achieve up to 4000PSI.

I am only offering a 3oz size and an 8oz size to be used at home. Larger capacities will only be offered in closed loop reclaiming systems.

The 3oz I am going to sell for $1199 and the 8oz for $1995

Finally, an added and unintentional bonus is that by removing the quick connect from the hose and upper plug, cans of butane can be used if desired. Both supercritical carbon dioxide extracts and butane dissolved extracts can be made in this set-up without modification.

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